08 February 2010

a foodie admission

I'm going to admit something here and now that might make you shudder, cry or gasp. I don't want you to blacklist me, but its an admission I feel I must make as a food lover and writer.

Ok, here goes: My name is Bianca and I don't like chocolate, *ducks for cover*.
I know, I'm a woman, it should be imbedded in my DNA, but It's not. My friends know not to buy me Easter eggs and my Valentine knows not to buy me chocolates, it's always been this way.

So why must I make such a shocking revelation? In the first season of Master Chef, the now famous Chocolate Mousse Cake made its first television appearance and while everyone was in awe, It didn't appeal to me. Adriano Zumbo is genius and I appreciated the sheer talent of the creator and the intrigue and stir the cake caused. But truth be told, if it were on a menu, I wouldn't order it.

As an aspiring food writer and Master Chef host, it got me thinking. How will I do all of this without a passion for chocolate? Any normal person would've melted at the sight of that cake, why not me? I've tried numerous times to like chocolate, the allure and raw appeal of the stuff is enough to force me to eat it, but there are thousands of things I'd rather eat.

Does this take away from my integrity as a foodie? I don't think so, I know what good chocolate is and deeply enjoy that splash of chocolate across my Max Brenner waffles.
But I thought i'd take it to the top and ask my inspiration Matt Preston, on my quest to becoming his writing apprentice, I will for the first time write to him and keep you all posted on the answer.

Until then, bon appetite


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