26 June 2011

the best way to start the day

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well it's true and it's one of my favourite meals too. It's hard to pass up a great breakfast especially when it's coming from the kitchen of Bridget Davis (@bridget_cooks), The Internet Chef and brand new owner of Montgomery Street Cafe along with her partner Mahei (@iconic88)

Bridget has worked in kitchens all over New Zealand and Sydney including Bills, the iconic Sydney cafe known for serving a truly beautiful brekky. But I'm not here to talk about Bills because @mostreetcafe you will receive more than a delicious meal. The setting is gorgeous, @mostreetcafe is in a stunning building on a quiet street in the southern Sydney suburb of Kogarah. Thank goodness for a new cafe in South Sydney! This takes no time at all for me and my Mr to get to and this new cafe is a welcomed new addition to our side of town. 

Montgomery Street Cafe 
As soon as we walk in the friendly staff seat us and quickly get started on our coffees, which we are extremely grateful for. Coffee can make or break a breakfast experience, especially when it's the first cup of the day. I look forward to the rush you get from the very first sip, yes a lot rides on this cup. We're pleasantly surprised to receive our strong Campos blend piccolos.

Campos piccolo's
Drinking our coffee's gives us plenty of time to take in the gorgeous interiors in this cafe. Not only do they serve a great brekky but they also serve light lunches and will soon do cooking demo's. Is there anything that @bridget_cooks can't do? 

The light filled room
We've finished our coffee's and like clockwork our breakfast arrives, we share more than a few of our favourite things. How can you resist a meal that starts with "the best mo fo scrambled eggs"?

The best mo fo scrambled eggs with toasted sourdough, smoked chicken rashers and soy, mirin and ginger braised mushrooms
The best mo fo scrambled eggs with a house cured salmon crostada, sustainable caviar and spiced roasted tomatoes with fresh ricotta and mint
These eggs really are the best you can get, creamy fluffy and what I love is there is no need for salt and pepper, they are seasoned perfectly. On another note, I was excited to have found a cafe who serves wholegrain sourdough, I'm a little biased, it's my favourite kind of bread but it is better for you right? The Mr comments that they are two pretty large slices of bread and he's relieved that for once he has enough bread to go around (I've mentioned before he's Italian right?)

The great thing about  @mostreetcafe is the way you build your brekky. You start with your choice of eggs, scrambled or fried and then you add on all the sides you would like. The mushrooms have a beautiful flavour with their mix of soy, ginger and mirin, they are slightly sweet and well-cooked. The smoked chicken rashers are a welcome change from the usual bacon as they are just as smoky and even more delicious. The tomatoes are roasted and almost dried and I love the combination of spices  including crunchy fennel seeds with the fresh mint and ricotta. Lastly just a little bit of indulgence for the start to your day, the house cured salmon and caviar with a conscience. 

Brown butter griddle cakes with a lemon honey butter, mojo syrup and seasonal fruit
These should be called "banging brown butter griddle cakes..." they are absolutely dreamy. We weren't sure what seasonal fruit we would receive but we excited to see a mix of apple and rhubarb on our plate. The acidity from both fruits worked so well with the sweet buttery goodness of these cakes. 

Just in case you wanted to see that mojo syrup
The lovely @bridget_cooks from www.theinternetchef.biz
If you haven't taken the trip down to Montgomery Street Cafe, it's definitely time you did. They have the formula down pat, a beautiful setting, friendly staff, great coffee and really really really good food. Could there be a better way to start your day?

52 Montgomery Street, Kogarah


  1. The place looks fab! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. brown butter griddle cakes holy crap that sounds freaking awesome!

  3. I would love start my day like this everyday!
    I love campos coffee and that brown butter griddle cake does sound

  4. If only I could start everyday in style like this! And I'm always happy to find more place which serve Campos coffee.

  5. Thanks ladies and Raff...this is really is a great neighbourhood cafe with truly good coffee. Let me know when you try it out! Can't wait to see what others think of it.