01 March 2011

a meeting of two blogs at ms g's

There’s nothing like a bit of table sharing, food sharing and photo sharing with a few fellow Sydney food bloggers.

Me and my Mr were just walking down Victoria St, Potts Point eagerly anticipating our long awaited dinner at Ms G’s when we bump into another Ms G. Ms Gianna, that is, the heel wearing co-writer of @TheEmptyFridge and her partner in love and food Demos. 
Both, a little tipsy from the Sydney Cellar Door festival in Hyde Park, Ms G and D insist we sit with them; moving from their table and helping us avoid a 20 minute wait.

They’ve already started eating so we get to ordering, firstly our cocktails. These come in two categories, packaged and unpackaged we both go for packaged – a green iced tea with vodka, apple and grapefruit bitters and ms g’s famous yuzu slushie with limoncello, yuzu juice and orange bitters. 
Ms G's Green Iced Tea
Pickled Vegetable Plate 
We’re both so hungry so we start with a couple of ms G’s mini banh mi and the plate of pickles. The banh mi are basically burgers with either pork belly or chicken katsu. We both go for the pork belly, it’s crispy and tender inside and the burgers are bite sized enough to eat in two mouthfuls. As I may have mentioned about 100 times before, I like anything pickled and the pickled chilli’s are a nice addition to my burger. 

Mini Banh Mi

There is always one dish that will stand out in a crowd. One dish that takes your meal to a whole new level. I can't explain it but for me this dish was the prawn toast with yuzu aioli and a vietnamese herb salad. I love a herb salad and I love coriander and am one of the lucky people that can eat it (sorry @TheEmptyFridge) so I was happy to see this salad atop my crispy, delicious prawn toast and aioli. The prawns inside the toast were cooked perfectly and I loved the addition of the sesame seeds.
Prawn toast with Yuzu aioli
I've read every single blog post and review on Ms G's in recent weeks so I basically went in knowing exactly what I wanted to order. That meant I would undoubtedly be having the crispy fried baby chicken with kimchi mayonnaise and the egg noodles with braised duck, poached egg and XO Sauce.

Fried baby chicken with kimchi mayo
Egg noodles with braised duck, poached egg and XO sauce
We ordered half a chicken and I felt like I had one piece with the creamy mayo and looked down to see the plate clean. Apparently my Mr, also liked the chicken. Another highlight of the night was the egg noodles, the braised duck with the herbs and egg were a match made in heaven and I especially loved the punch from the XO sauce and the sriracha chilli sauce we added.

Now at this point in the meal, a group of four Sydney food bloggers look up from their concentrated ingesting and see two famous faces walk in. Sophie Faulkner and an unidentified male, followed by Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch. This added even more excitement to a night of spontaneous meetings and bubble tea.

Wok Fried Taiwanese clams with chorizo, chilli and basil
Our last savoury dish for the night was a very tasty stack of clams with chorizo, I loved the mix of flavours although I would have liked a dash more chilli.

The night didn't end there though, it was time for dessert and somehow (and I don't know how) we ended up with all four desserts. Apologies in advance for the pictures of only three desserts, two very hungry males couldn't wait for us to take the photo. Warning: drooling may occur

Stoner's Delight

Jam Donut

Pandan chiffon cake with coconut ice cream
Hubba hubba! Can you say that about food? I think my favourite part of all this was the marshmallows on the Stoner's dessert plate they were soft and creamy (very unlike marshmallows I'm used to) but with a lovely tartness, they came with banana ice-cream, peanut brittle and chocolate crackles. The jam donut was a close second as I loved the crunch from the dehydrated cinnamon donut pieces. Missing from this heavenly line-up is the Splice - a pine lime granita with a lychee sorbet and whipped cream. I am a big fan of granita as it is a staple at my nonna's house every summer but I don't even think I tried the lychee sorbet, sadly. The desserts were gone before I could tweet - "loving dessert at Ms G's."
Yep, we finished them all!
I'm already planning the next trip to Ms G's as there were so many things on the menu I wanted to taste but didn't have the stomach capacity for.


Thanks to @TheEmptyFridge for a memorable evening and the gorgeous pics!


  1. Oh WOW! What an awesome night! And that food looks amazing- I was so excited thinking how fantastic the photos look- I thought you took them!! Did you forgert your camera, you naughty food blogger? :)

  2. No no I didn't forget but Gianna from The Empty Fridge had her SLR so she hooked me up with some good looking photos!

  3. We were there the same night you & Gianna. Wish we'd seen you guys as we waited nearly two hours for our table - they forget us, but we did get four free desserts by way of an apology.

    As we ate SO late the restaurant was really dark so none of my food pics turned out...but that just means I have to go back too! I loved the food (all of it) and the packaged cocktails too (possibly I loved the cocktails a little too much).

    AND I didn't see any of the famous people. I wonder if they had to wait for a table in the bar like us?

  4. Four desserts free? That's amazing, but 2 hours is a really long time to wait. I would definitely go back and get some pics, probably for lunch because the restaurant will be full of light and hopefully less of a wait.

    Loved the post though!

    The celebs seemed to stroll on in quite easily! They must have had a "VIP booking" of some sort!

  5. Such a fun night, I can't wait to do it all again! Those cocktails were amazing and i need to go back for the grilled corn!

    We have to do it all again soon, Felix is calling!

  6. I will be there, just tell me the time and place!