15 December 2010

cotton duck at Christmas

The call of the Christmas Party was loud and clear and the deadline was fast approaching so we decided on lunch at Jared Ingersoll's new restaurant, Cotton Duck.

Cotton Duck aims at "clever, thought-provoking cuisine taking its cues from the everyday to the abstract". This becomes clear after I try the Corn Pudding - roasted corn and popcorn shoots in a corn broth. A few of my colleagues were skeptical but the pudding is smooth and creamy while the sweet corn adds just enough crunch, everyday food turned abstract.

The house baked bread
The house baked bread

Feeling festive we order two bottles of sparkling red and white.

To begin, along with our corn pudding we order the salmon cured with spice and tobacco, it's served with a side of the tobacco it was cured in. It isn't edible but merely put there for the aroma. The salmon was delicious, soft and fresh with a hint of the tobacco's smokiness. We also go for the pork rillettes, a fan favourite, served with croƻtons and sour cherries and the Saucisson Secs with Cornichons.

For the mains there is a choice of Quail with crispy fried pancetta, sour raisins and green plums, the King Salmon poached in butter with asparagus and lemon walnut sauce, the pork loin and Coffin Bay Mussels cooked in white wine and tomato served with hand cut chips.

While all four look delicious, I only get to taste the Quail. The pancetta is crunchy and works surprisingly well with the green plums and the quail and the raisins are a match made in heaven. Jared's concept is local, sustainable, seasonal produce on a relaxed plate and it shows in every dish.

From all counts the mains are fresh, simple and the produce speaks for itself. For dessert we can't go past the cheese plate with brioche and fruit so we order that for the group along with the Summer pudding and the chocolate tart.

What a delicious way to end the year.


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