06 June 2011

a little wait for Billy K

Call me crazy if you like but I have been known to wait 2 hours for a table at a restaurant more than a few times.

This night was not unlike those times. I've tried to get a table at Billy Kwong on a Saturday before but unless you are there lining up from before 6pm, it is highly unlikely you'll be eating before 10pm. So this time I committed to the wait from the very beginning. We lined up from about 6pm to be told that we would get a call in two hours for a table. I can't believe I haven't been to Billy Kwong, it's always been on the list but something else always comes up.

We jumped across the road for a snack and a drink at the nearby pub and waited. We were starving, so yes we ate twice, don't judge.

After perusing the menu and trying hard to read the specials (they are hand written in running writing) we decide on our first meal.
Pork belly pancakes
I love DIY pancakes and this pork belly was soft and tender but our favourite was the tamari sauce, it was sweet and sticky, a truly beautiful combination of flavours.

Pork sung choi bow with chilli and fresh herbs
What's not to love about sung choi bow? This version ticked all the right boxes, tasty pork mince, bean sprouts not to mention a fresh chilli paste and a handful of fresh herbs. I especially loved the fresh dill and mint it took the dish from ordinary to a-mazing!

Steamed prawn dumplings with organic brown rice vinegar
If you've ever been to Eveleigh markets on a Saturday morning, you have probably seen Kylie Kwong at her stall making fresh omelette's and serving up delicious dumplings. If you haven't been, cancel this Saturday's plans and get yourself down there, two words...foodie mecca! I've had these dumplings before at the markets Her prawn dumplings are incredibly soft and I love them with the brown rice vinegar. These came late to the table and when we asked if they were still coming, they wiped them from the bill and brought them over. Amazing service, no question about it. 

Stirfry with clams, pork, cuttlefish and blackbeans
The description of this dish reminded me of one of my all time favourite dishes at Longrain, the squid and speck stir-fry with chilli and black beans. I love the combination of pork and seafood. This one had some of my favourite ingredients too. The cuttlefish was cooked perfectly, as was the pork but the clams were quite gritty and we struggled eating them, if they hadn't been in there it would have been a perfect dish.

Mushroom stirfry with oyster, shimejii, shitake and swiss brown mushrooms
This definitely wins dish of the night for me. How can you not love mushrooms, the mix of all these varieties was delicious and they were cooked perfectly. The crunchy Asian greens were a nice touch too, I wouldn't normally order a vegetarian dish but this was hearty enough to rival any meat dish.

The question was then asked, did we want to order dessert? We were both so full but I'm convinced I have a separate dessert stomach because I can always fit it in.

Poached pears, almond praline and double cream, come on would you say no to that?

Poached pears, almond praline and double cream
Next time I go to Billy Kwong I would get there just a bit earlier to be seated straight away and I would study the menu a little further, you're so hungry by the time you're seated you order the first meal you look at.

It's such a go, go, go restaurant - noisy, fast and a little uncomfortable but with incredibly good food.



  1. Wow - what a feast. But I'm not sure I would wait 2 hours to eat anywhere.... :S

  2. 2 hour wait is dedication! the mushroom stirfry sounds amazing

  3. Thanks ladies. I know 2 hours is a long time but it just meant extra pre-dinner drinks for me :)Was an amazing meal too.

  4. I really want to go here and then read a not so great review, but after reading your blog I'm putting it back on my wish list. The dumplings I had at the markets were AMAZING, so I can only imagine how great the rest of the food is.

  5. My closest experience to a 2 hour wait was a 1 hour and 15 minutes wait outside Tim Ho Wan dimsum resto in Hong Kong. 2 hour wait is truly dedication.

    The pork belly pancakes looks and sounds good!

  6. @Miss Piggy - How good are those dumplings? Definitely try it. The wait is long, the seats are uncomfortable and it's so incredibly noisy but we still loved it.

    @Raff - That sure is a dedication to dumplings, but I'm sure they were worth waiting for.

    @Vikki - Couldn't have put it better myself.

  7. The same thing happened to me when I went to Billy Kwong. Sooo worth the wait though. Those dumplings are the bomb.