04 March 2010

pre l'etoile

I'm not to sure if you've noticed, but I put up a new post on this site weekly. By 'you', I'm talking about my five faithful followers and anyone else who may stumble upon this blog. Hello and welcome, my name's Bianca and I love food.

This post was a tough one for me because my whole week has been leading up to this Sunday when I will be whisked away for some French dining in Paddington. There has been nothing else, on my mind, in fact, anytime I thought about what I would write all I could think about was the review I'll write next week.

I am going to L'etoile, a gorgeous little Bistro in the heart of Paddington, co-owned by none other than Manu Feildel. Ive never been and have heard amazing things so, the anticipation is killing me. Plus if he's there i'm going to give him a hug.

Well no doubt, when you visit my sweet little page again, you'll hear all about it

until then

au revoir

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