16 March 2010

re: a foodie admission

A true foodie response.

"Hi Bianca, being a food critic is about trying everything once and then holding an opinion on why you do or don’t like it so it needn’t be a huge obstacle. The current editor of The Age’s Epicure section is a vegetarian so it is not imperative that you must be an omnivore. It’s best however to be an omnivore as a critic because you have to direct readers to and from dishes they might enjoy based on objective observation that relies on a body of experience – and for many that means telling them about the chocolate desserts!" - Matt Preston

I didn't think that Matt would read my blog let alone respond to question I put to him, on my previous post "a foodie admission", but he did. He read my blog and didn't hate it I feel like I'm taking step in the right direction, finally.

I have begun to lap up the chocolate dessert since. I've learnt what I do and don't like about certain chocolate dishes and have enjoyed some throroughly...who would've thought? Above all else I will ensure that you, as my reader, will recieve an objective observation, you do after all deserve it and I must learn to like it.

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