09 April 2010

get your hands dirty

I went to a great pizza place recently, Pizza E Birra in Surry Hills.

Tasty food, great company and impeccable service. One thing annoyed me though about this restaurant, everybody was eating this deliciously thin based pizza with a knife and fork.
I'll admit one thing, I began the meal with some cutlery, i'm not a total grub I do understand etiquette. But when I got sick of trying to saw the crust with a blunt knife I threw etiquette out the window and picked the pizza up with my hands. Topping was falling off, but I didn't care, to me my taste buds enjoyed that pizza more than anyone else's that night.

I'm Italian so I feel the right to be able to be able to eat one of our national treasures with my hands and two at that when slices are big. I can assure you nobody noticed me eating like this, they were too busy massacring their pizza slices with a knife and fork.

Some food is just meant for your fingertips.

  • Lebanese food lamb, kafta, baba ghanouj, also my territory is eaten with fresh lebanese bread, we barely use those silver utensils in our full faired feasts.
  • Traditional Indian cuisine, curry and rice picked up with their own version of flat bread, or even just their hands, I'm not kidding the food tastes amazing for it.
  • Ribs, you need a knife to cut down the rack but unless you have a heavy duty grater you are not going to get any meet off the bone without messing up your hands.
  • Pizza, obviously

All i'm saying is some foods don't require cutlery, but don't throw your manners out the window

Happy tasting

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  1. I totally agree! I'm pleased to know my eating habits are approved by a fellow italian :)

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