03 June 2010


It's been almost two months since my last post. That right there is appalling. I got a job, which is seriously great but apparently you have no time for life when you start your career. I will, however tell you that:
  • 6 days a week at 7:30, time stands still

  • I've been to Melbourne I ate at Longrain, Brinetti's and Fifteen all exceptional but Longrain was the standout. Although someone must let these Melbournians know, up in Sydney we get brown rice and you need to get with the program.

  • Fifteen, was memorable but mainly for the wine which was incredible and the service which was outstanding.

  • I have an obsession with Movida, I MUST GO! Unfortunately didn't get a chance to go when I was in Melbourne in March, because apparently the city falls asleep on Sunday evening at 6pm.

  • I love Peter Gilmore
  • I've booked Quay wooooo 3 months and counting! We'll be celebrating Spring and I did that on purpose, the produce will be at it's best.
  • Red Lantern in July, a real winter warmer
  • I've tried the new Al Aseel, the service was so-so, the wine list wasn't great but the food was delicious. Take note - babaghanouj, sambousik and their fresh lemonade
  • I've read about 30 Bloodwood reviews which has completely pressured me into pressuring my wonderful partner to take me and quick smart

  • I returned to Pizza E Birra, even more delicious and noisy the second time, partnered with a beautiful Pinot Gris
  • A re-visit to Bill's yum
  • A whole lot more cooking, I can safely say in the last 'almost' two months I've perfected sweet corn chowder and apple crumble. But will never cook with Quail again! Matt Moran you made it look so easy.
I promised some photos and here they are but can I say they are just the beginning there will be more. Somehow photos stored on a camera are easy to lose, but in my defence I have been day dreaming about Quay 12 hours a day.

happy reading
come back soon

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  1. hello lovely!
    So nice to have been able to chat with you the other night! Fianlly, someone just as obsessed with food as I am.

    Hope you guys have a spectacular time at Quay and I can't wait to read about it!