06 March 2011

the best pho in Sydney

I'm half Italian and half Lebanese, blessed in the food stakes I know. This combination always ensured a smelly lunch box at school and a whiff of garlic every time I opened up my bag. It meant I was eating prosciutto and bocconcini sandwiches when my class mates had ham and cheese. It meant fattoush instead of a garden salad, and zaatar instead of vegemite. So what exactly would a certified ethnic girl know about a good bowl of pho?

I feel qualified because I learnt about good and bad food at a very young age, I would come home from school camps frail because I refused to eat camp food. I learnt about Asian flavours early too I had been to Thailand four times by the time I turned 16 and I come from a chilli obsessed household. So all this, you see has contributed to me becoming a pho pro.

I have tried pho in Cabramatta, Regents Park, Haymarket, the CBD, Darlinghurst and Bankstown. And I can honestly say the best place for a bowl of pho is An Restaurant in Bankstown.

So Pho, so good 

This unassuming pho house is located opposite Bankstown sports club on Greenfields Pde in Bankstown and only serves pho, so don't go in expecting a full blown Vietnamese menu. My combination is always pho topped with rare beef and tripe, but there are 15 combinations to try in two sizes - medium from $10.70 and large from $11.80 (or big and bigger, as far I see it).

Bean sprouts, lemon and basil
Pho sauces and cutlery

The thing I love about pho is that you can have it the way you like it. No chilli, extra chilli, fish sauce, soy sauce or a truckload of beansprouts.  However you like to eat yours, An  Restaurant has always been the place I go back to. My dad first took me there when I was 16 and I have been going ever since and nothing seems to beat the quality, speedy service and crazy, cheap prices.

my beloved pho 

Their tag line is so pho, so good and apart from the fact that I could go on with pho word plays for days, so far An restaurant really is so good. Taste the difference for yourself.

Now readers where have you had the best bowl of pho?


  1. I can't believe I've been missing out on Pho all this time! Definitely now on my to-do list! 

  2. Good to hear, we need to make a trip to Bankstown one Sunday for lunch!

  3. Ooh best Pho now that's a statement! It does look good I have to say :)

  4. with the cooler months comming up i really need to get re-aquainted with the goodness that is pho! Will definitely take the trip to bankstown, the best pho statement is far too tempting!

  5. This place is a must try ladies!