27 March 2011

girls night at Bistrode CBD

It was the last girls night before I go away for a month and after an incredibly busy week we found ourselves with no booking and no ideas for a dinner spot. 

I had wanted to go to Bistrode CBD for a while now but didn't  think it was the spot I would end up at for a girls night. Given the nose to tail concept that Jane and Jeremy Strode have implemented at Bistrode and the fact that's it's really good English pub food I thought it would be the place I take my Mr. 

But that's where the night took us and I'm glad it did. Before we ordered, we look over to the table next to us where dessert is being served and we see the Pink Champagne jelly with mixed berries and oat crumble and decide to skip the entree and go for a main so we get to dessert faster. 

Wild Kingfish, Avocado, Fennel and Rocket
This dish was light and Summery, the fish was juicy and had a subtle aniseed flavour from the fennel. The salad was well dressed and simple making sure the beautiful fresh vegetables were the star. 

Our side order of Kipfler potatoes with butter and parsley
Grain Fed Butler's Steak (250g) with red wine sauce
Comments all round were that we were glad this steak was pre-cut, given we all shared our mains. The red wine sauce was rich and full in flavour and the the steak was cooked perfectly medium. Loved dipping those buttery kipfler potatoes in that sauce too!

Pork chop, red cabbage and red apple coleslaw
I have to say this dish was my favourite part of the whole evening. I know you're thinking it's just a pork chop and coleslaw but with each bite of the deliciously cooked fatty pork chop I craved that fresh slaw with apple. The dressing was creamy but still fresh enough for the pork, I would love the recipe. And the highlight was that small piece of crispy crackling, a salty, crunchy, melt in your mouth kind of goodness in one chip. 

Now the end of the main only meant the beginning of dessert which we were particularly excited about. 

Pink champagne jelly with mixed berries and oat crumble
You would think that after a while you would get used to the taste of something but each mouthful  of this dish was sweeter than the next. It was very feminine and pretty with those bright berries and pink champagne and that crumble with the jelly was a match made in heaven. Even for a pub, I think I can safely appoint this dish "girls night dish of the year".

Baked white peaches, vanilla ice cream and raspberries
Another fresh summery dish with a beautiful creamy vanilla ice-cream, another highlight of this already wonderful night. 

Chilled fig and Port soup with baked custard and fresh figs
This soup packed a punch, the port was sweet and aromatic and I loved the way the fresh figs soaked in that port. The baked custard was a lovely addition and broke up the strong liqueur flavour.

Jane's honey tart and peanut butter ice-cream
"This is like America on a plate" Rosie said and that peanut butter ice-cream reminded me of a really really good version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But what made this even better was when you taste the two together, the honey tart was pure magic with that peanut butter.

I can't wait to take the Mr here as there is so much more I want to try like the crispy pigs ear salad, the corned wagyu beef and the duck salad. It might be a few weeks away though as I will be jetting off to the USA today for some exciting foodie adventures. I'll be blogging along the way from NY, the Carribean, Miami, LA and San Francisco so keep checking in. 


  1. oh wow that honey tart with pb ice cream sounds delicious! good luck with your new adventure!

  2. It's definitely worth a visit for the ice-cream! Thanks suze!

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! xo

  4. i think you may have broken our ms g's dessert record! ThAt pink champagne jelly cup looked divine!

    Hope you have an amazing trip and that you keep us posted on your USA adventures!