17 March 2011

Charlie & Co, you had me at hello

I'd like to know what you think, makes a good burger. Everyone has different tastes, so what's your's?

I love a beef burger, none of this wimpy chickpea patty/grilled chicken stuff. I am a lady who likes her burgers beefy. I also love pickles and relish. Dill pickles, gherkins, spicy pickled jalapeƱo, i'm happy with them all and as for relish, I love something a little sweet. 

To me, a combination of well cooked beef, the sour pickles and the sweet relish, plus maybe a slice of cheddar make up the perfect burger. 

And then, like a new romance, I found Charlie, his sweet burgers and romantic fries swept me off my feet. It was destiny that we would meet and the Wagyu and Co. burger was my soul mate. 

I've been to Charlie & Co burgers three times now and each time I've ordered the same thing, my beloved Wagyu and Co Burger. The burger is topped with a medium rare Wagyu pattie, aged cheddar, pickled gherkin, aioli and a beetroot relish, no wonder I love it so much right? 

"How you doin'?" Wagyu and Co Burger 
When I went with the Mr. he ordered the delicious Federation Burger. A seasoned Angus beef pattie (not a little bit fancy) with tomato relish, lettuce, aged cheddar and a fried egg. He claims his order was better than my order, but I beg to differ don't these boys know we're always right?

Federation Burger 
Pair these delicious burgers with some of those gloriously salty, crispy, Parmesan truffle fries and you'll know why I'm in love with Charlie. 

Parmesan and truffle fries 
Charlie & Co is on the 5th level of the new Westfield Pitt Street and at the Opera Kitchen right next to the Opera Bar. http://www.charlieandco.com.au

So readers's whats your ultimate burger combination?


  1. i loooove charlie & co fries! my idea of a perfect burger is definitely a juicy beef pattie, cheese and NO lettuce hehe

  2. Me too, those fries are amazing!