26 January 2010

the art of the order

Thank God for small menu's. I can never understand a large menu, it leads me to think that maybe they're compensating for something

I always wonder what the process of menu making is, why there a eight different titles across four pages plus the drinks menu, my head starts to spin. There is a certain restaurant I go to where this is the case. The food is incredible but after an hour table wait, half an hour choosing my meal and then the food wait I start to re-assess my meal choice. Terrible.

I've been applauded for my ordering abilities, not to brag, but I seem to get it right even if there is a large menu. I've narrowed down three simple rules.

1. Order what you can't make. It's quite simple, a meal you would never dream of making with all the ingredients you love why wouldn't you order it. Restaurant food is very different to home cooking, so take advantage of the outing.

2. Analyse the description. Ask the waiter questions if you don't know what something is, think about your favourite ingredients, what you love to eat and order that way, take your time. Never rush an order, a rushed order is bad order.

3. The best there is. Order what a restaurant is known for, don't go to a Steak restaurant and order the Salmon, chances are it will be lovely but not incredible, amazing and awe inspiring.

The whole restaurant experience should be memorable. Don't be afraid to order something you've never eaten and don't let someone else order for you it's hard on them and it doesn't always pay off.
And lastly make sure you choose the right restaurant, now that is my specialty so stay tuned.

Happy ordering

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