14 January 2010

trial and error

To me, cooking is all about trial and error.

It's about little discoveries that may suprise you, my choc chip banana bread is perfection if I don't say so myself but it took many overcooked and undercooked batches to reach this height.

Unfortunately my cooking journey has proved errors occur quite often here are some do's and don't all founded by experience-

- Don't make your own version of chilli infused chocolate. This is best left to the Swiss, namely Lindt.

- Don't brag about your signature dish to everyone and anyone. Chances are when it comes time to make it for people, you will realise you talked yourself up a little too much.

- Don't put your fingers in any sort of bladed electrical kitchen appliance. Please. It seems like common sense, but in the heat of the moment these things tend to slip your mind. I may even have the scars to prove it.

- Don't say you'll get up early Saturday to cook your family breakfast and not come through with the goods. A lot of angry customers will be out to get to you.

- Not everyone shares your (my) zeal for chilli.

- Don't think you're a superstar, oven mitts are always necessary.

- Put your mascara on after you chop the onions

- Ricotta panckaes take time to perfect, Bill Granger is superhuman.

- Baked Ricotta Cheesecake by Papa's is Heaven on a plate (this one's just inspiration)

- And lastly do try cooking new things, a chef is always inventive.

Happy cooking

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