18 January 2010

first foodie steps

My tastebuds are quite clever and, I'd like to think, a little more refined than most. They can tell when something is lacking or when there is too much. They can tell me when I've eaten something that i'll regret eating later. They love chilli, hate cheap chocolate and know when something has been deep fryed in stale oil. My tastebuds know what they're talking about.

I would be selfish if I didn't mention that my tastebuds are genetic. Passed down from my dad. I'd like to preface this by saying, that he and I can have differing tastes and appetites but generally speaking, my passion for food is from him.

The man can eat. Not just little bits at a time either. Not even lightweight foods that digest easily. Carbohydrates are my dad's staple, being Italian, the man can't go a day without bread. His metabolism must work overtime, though because he can eat carbs by the truckload without gaining the weight (I'm thankful for that, it's another thing I inherited from him) .

My dad gave me my first real 'foodie' moments. My first Japanese meal was a defining moment. It was the smallest little restaurant in Leichhardt oddly enough, he ordered the raw tuna steak and seaweed salad and I was in awe. I loved it none the less.

My dad has trotted around Sydney for the best Thai, discovered my favourite dessert in Haberfield, my favourite breakfast in Surry Hills and fish burgers in Concord (don't knock it till you've tried it.) He's spent painstaking hours finding the best Malaysian, Indian, Portugese Chicken burgers and this kind of intense research will probably continue well into retirement.

I'm thankful for all his 'work' lunches and dates out with mum because he's given me inspiration to discover more food treasures all on my own.


  1. Is your favourite dessert in Haberfield the Ricotta cheesecake by any chance??